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Welcome to my online classroom.  I am Mrs. Blaine.  I teach Family and Consumer Science. I have been teaching since 1984. I graduated from Central High School, Oklahoma State University and East Central University. 

All classes enter our online classwork site through iCEV.  Enter iCEV with this link:  Hit the Registration button in the top right corner. Follow the instructions for registration.  You will be asked to enter in a Registration Code.  They are listed below.. 

Only register for classes you are attending.

We will also be using Google Classroom.

These are the Google Classroom codes for my classes:

iCEV Codes: 

 1st hour:  CENBLAIN026

2nd hour:  CENBLAIN004

3rd hour:   CENBLAIN026

4th hour:   CENBLAIN001

5th hour:   CENBLAIN030

6th hour:   CENBLAIN004

8th hour:   CENBLAIN031

Google Classroom Codes:

1st hour: a6aoixv

2nd hour: sigirv3

3rd hour:  zx2serp

4th hour: rbmz5ui

5th hour: r32jzhf

6th hour:  zltpjvl

8th hour: p7nknpy

Lisa Blaine

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