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Oklahoma Math Tutoring Corps: Enrollment Now Available for ALL 8th-Grade Students

Posted Date: 12/07/2021

OSDE is pleased to announce enrollment for the Oklahoma Math Tutoring Corps is now available to ALL Oklahoma 8th-grade students for the 2021-22 school year. Students enrolled in the program will be offered virtual math tutoring Jan.-Mar. 2022.

OSDE has hired certified teachers and college students from all regions of Oklahoma who will each tutor up to three students. Tutors will meet with their students virtually for 50 minutes three times per week for nine weeks. Professional development for the tutors will begin the first week of December and will focus on using high dosage tutoring practices to tutor students virtually. Tutoring sessions will reinforce mathematical concepts learned in middle school to assist students with developing a deeper understanding of on-grade level mathematics.

For more information about the program, visit the Math Tutoring Corps webpage.

Please communicate this opportunity with families and students in your school district. View a draft email to families. This email includes a link to registration.

If you have any questions, contact Anthony Purcell at [email protected] or (405) 522-6575.

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