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Central High Board Members Approve Team Goals for the Coming Year

Posted Date: 12/15/2020

Central High Board Members Approve Team Goals for the Coming Year

At their regular monthly meeting on December 14, 2020 the Central High Board of Trustees approved District Leadership Team Goals for the 2020-2021 School Year. The goals were developed with parental, community and staff input via surveys and discussions. The goals are intended to guide the district in the coming year on making decisions on programs, curriculum, facilities and activities. The goals are organized in 5 major areas: Student Performance, Personnel, Community and Family Involvement, Learning Environment and Finance. Central High Board Members are Laurie Bethune (President) Tony Scott (Vice-President) Cooper McCarley (Board Clerk) Courtney Barton (member) and Cassie McKinney (member) See goals below: 

Central High Public Schools

 Leadership Team Goals

Mission Statement:

“The Mission of Central High Public Schools

 “Striving for Excellence with Integrity and Community Values”


A. Student Performance                                        

            Goal: Central High Public Schools will insure that all students (A1) meet state standards (A2) are college and/or career ready and (A3) connected to the school experience.

Focus: (Small class sizes, meaningful electives, STEAM Courses (Science, Technology, Arts and Math), Extracurricular programs.

*Priority Goal (P1): Implement coherent sequence of Technology courses

B. Personnel

            Goal: Central High Public Schools will recruit, retain, and develop staff of the highest quality, character, and ethics and maintain high expectations for professional growth by (B1) encouraging professional growth of staff through advanced degrees and advanced certifications and (B2) continually evaluating compensation and benefits for employees in order to continue recruiting and retaining the highest quality staff.

*Priority Goal (P2): Hire to meet student needs in P1.

C. Community and Family Involvement

            Goal: (C1) Central High Public Schools (Board, Administration and Teachers) will be active in communication to the parents and community members using various methods and (C2) will work to increase volunteer opportunities for parents and community members.

D. Learning Environment

            Goal: (D1) Central High Public Schools will have exceptional facilities to support student learning and extracurricular excellence.

*Priority Goal (P3): Central High Public Schools will create and prioritize a long-range facilities plan to track future facility needs.  The plan will be reviewed annually (or as needed).

E. Finance

            Goal: (E1) Central High Public Schools will use district financial resources effectively and efficiently for student success.

Priority Goal (P4) Increase carryover to strengthen financial stability and district options for facilities and instructional programs.


Approved by Central High Public Schools: 12-14-2020